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Acropolis Museum offers free admission on October 28th

Like every year on Greece’s  National Holiday on October 28th, the Acropolis Museum open its gates to visitors free of charge.

The Museum will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Visitors will be able to tour through the permanent exhibitions of the Acropolis Museum that include findings of the country’s most important Temple of the antique.

Admission is free also for the temporary and rare exhibition “Forbidden City: The Private Apartments of Emperor Qialong.”

The exhibition boasts 154 exquisite works of art, ceremonial robes, furniture and functional objects from the Emperor’s private apartments in the Palace of Many Splendors (Chonghua Gong) where, as he himself wrote, he spent his youth and drew inspiration for his subsequent plans for the successful management of his vast country.

Emperor Qialong (1711-1799) reformed China, doubled its size and population, tended to the well-being of its citizens and nurtured the arts and letters with passion. He remained on the throne for sixty years (1736-1795) leaving his personal mark on the art of China.

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