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Anarchists attack police station in Athens, injure 4 policemen

Four police officers were injured when anarchists attacked the police station of Omonia in downtown Athens on Monday evening.

It was around 9 o’ clock, when some 50 people wearing hoods and helmets started to throw stones and molotov cocktail bombs first at a police van and then at several other vehicles parked near the police station of Omonia in the center of the Greek capital.

According to media, the attackers shouted “We will kill you, today you die.”

“They were hurling molotov bombs every four minutes,” an eye witness told media.

Four police officers were taken to military hospital 401. Three were treated for minor injuries and were released in short time. A fourth police officer was hospitalized due to respiratory problems.

The attack was of short duration, the perpetrators left the area. Nobody was arrested.

At the time of the attack one guard and four police officers were at the station, state-broadcaster ERT reported.

The attack took place on the day, the Greek Police inaugurated the plan “Perseus”, a scheme of round the clock police patrols in Athens, Thessaloniki and other big cities across the country.

Tuesday noon, the police officers union launched a protest outside the police station criticizing the “lack of operational plan to deal with such situations” as well as “the absence of political will.”

“We are not in Baghdad, we are in Athens,” protesters condemning the assault.

When Minister for Citizen Protection and Public Order Olga Gerovasili paid a visit to the police station somebody from the crowd shouted at her “Shame on you!”

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