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Giant 1000-meter long spider web at Vistonida Lake, North Greece (video, picts)

A giant spider web had been formed along the shores of Vistonida Lake in Northern Greece. The spider web is 1,000 meter long and 10 meters wide.

The spider web extends from the Metohi of Vatopedi Monastery to Agios Nikoalos in Porto Lagos.

It is just the last couple of days that the giant web have been covering low and high vegetation, bushes, trees, fences, stone walls and some religious memorial and small chapels locals have set up in the area.

The phenomenon in such extend is rare, however, not unprecedented. It occurred again a couple of years ago.

It appears almost every year but the areas the spider webs are covering are much smaller or in places where people have no access, biologist Efterpi Patetsini told local newspaper xronos.

When temperatures drop the sand-flies and the mosquitoes will disappear, the first rainfalls will sweep away the spiders and their webs.

Until then, locals and visitors keep coming to watch the eerie phenomenon and take pictures.

The same surreal phenomenon appeared exactly a month ago around Aitoliko lake in Western Greece.

The spider web was covering a 300-meter-long area.

Scientists have explained these phenomena with the increase of the sand-flies and mosquitoes  population due to the warm temperatures.

Sand flies and mosquitoes are a delicacy for spiders.

Inside the web, female and male spiders mate and reproduce and their children grow quickly due to abundant food: sand-lies and mosquitoes.

High temperatures, sufficient humidity and food create the ideal conditions for the spiders to reproduce in large numbers.

The spiders are small but are capable to create big webs. Inside the webs there are thousands and more thousands of creatures having a big fat spider party.

Soon the party was over for the locals when the spiders started to invade house gardens and homes with the locals threatening with lawsuits if authorities would not take any radical measures.

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