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Weird incident: Pakistanis beat and tie police officer off duty

A weird incident. Pakistani nationals have beaten and tied a policeman in an apartment Nikaia suburb of Piraeus.

Police arrived at the apartment in early morning hours of Thursday following a phone call by a neighbor who heard somebody calling for help.

Officers were surprised to find a colleague of them tied with tie wrap, gagged and badly beaten.

The victim was off duty, however, he had his gun with him, media report.

He told his colleagues that he saw the Pakistanis “moving suspiciously” and followed them. When he arrived at the building he was attacked and beaten by some 10 people.

On their part, the perpetrators claim that together with two other persons, the police officer went to the apartment, asking for money and precious items, and threatened them.

Residents told media that there is illegal trade of cigarettes in the area.

The victim is reportedly serving in the Department of “Sports Violence” of Greek Police.

The victim is hospitalized.

The perpetrators have been arrested and filed a lawsuit against the police officer for robbery.

Police investigates the real causes of the incident.

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  1. I myself and my Greek husband have been the victim of a police motor cycle unit intimidation in Megara,six young policemen on three bikes with hands on their guns demanded to see what money we had with us,we had to open up everything,all the tools in our boot,my bag,they were very threatening and obviously were going to rob us,when we would have gone to report it they would not believe us and the riders would say that they had never ever seen us before.It was a lonely road with no people around as witness.Luckily we had only ten euro for some petrol to get home to Athens,they were obviously wanting more than that.

  2. Cops being robbers. Pathetic.