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Greek Police arrests policeman beaten by Pakistani migrants in Nikaia

The police officer who was found to have been beaten by Pakistani nationals in Nikaia was arrested by Greek Police on Friday. The 34-year-old policeman faces charges for robbery in complicity, while police is seeking for two of his accomplices, Greek Police said in a statement.

The police officer was found by his colleagues tied, beaten and injured in an apartment in Nikaia suburb of Piraeus in the early morning hours of Thursday.

A neighbor had alerted police after calls from help were coming from an apartment in the same building.

The injured officer was transferred to hospital and six Pakistani nationals were arrested.

The officer who was off-duty told police that he saw the Pakistanis transporting “illegal goods” (cigarettes), he followed them to their apartment where he was attacked and beaten by some 10 people and kept hostage until police arrived.

However, the Pakistanis testified that together with two other people, the police officer came to their apartment demanding money and valuable items. The three were wearing full-face masks and threatened them with guns.

Although off-duty, the victim-policeman was carrying his service gun.

Police interrogators were not convinced by the version of their colleague and arrested him on soon after Friday noon.

There have been rumors in the past that policemen were extorting money from illegal migrants in area of nearby suburb of Renti, whether they were dealing with illegal trade of cigarettes or had regular jobs in the central whole sale vegetables market.

On Thursday evening, in an interview with private Alpha TV, a Pakistani migrant said he was paying to a police officer 300 euros per month. The officer wold also take 30-35 bulk boxes of cigarettes each month. “He would come on the 4th of every month,” the man said.

It was not clear whether the migrant or the policeman he was talking about were involved in the Nikaia caseis not clear whether it is the same policeman.

However, Skai TV reported that the gang was operating for the last 1.5 years in the area and there were seven cases of similar robberies in apartments.

Police continues investigation, an internal disciplinary investigation has been launched as well.

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