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“Greece, Cyprus and Israel play dirty game against Turkey,” says Erdogan’s

Turkey is furious at the energy cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Israel. They “play a dirty game against Turkey,” Yigit Bulut, the economic advisor of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said and warned that  “Greece will be destroyed if  there would be a naval combat”  between the two countries.”

“Greece is playing a new dirty game by harassing Turkey’s seismic and drilling survey vessel in eastern Mediterranean,” Bulut wrote in an article on Turkish newspaper Star.

“Greece-Greek Cyprus and Israel are after a new dirty game in the Mediterranean, thinking that they are backed by their big brothers,” Bulut wrote.

Confronting Turkey’s survey vessel exposed how “spoiled” those three countries are, he added with regards to the incident last week where a Greek frigate hindered vessel Barbaros from sailing into Greek territorial waters and continental shelf.

While Israel’s Heron drones were sleeping on Thursday, Turkish navy arrived and surrounded Turkey’s survey vessel, Bulut claimed.

“Do you think that Greek frigate can risk coming close once it sees Turkish navy’s vessels? The Greek navy left the job to drones purchased from Israel,” he wrote.

Bulut said that he had been the one who reacted most in Turkey when Greece had had to accept an agreement with the International Monetary Fund due to the pressure of the “imperialist powers”, but now Greece, accompanied by Israel, was becoming a tool of the same imperialist powers against Turkey.

“One hopes Greece and Turkey to become ‘best friends, good neighbours’, but this does not happen.. Not because of us [Turkey], but because of them [Greece],” Bulut said.

He warned “a close combat between Greek and Turkish navies will end with a military disaster for Greece, given the relative strength of the Turkish army.”

Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Donmez announced on Oct. 15 that Turkey would begin exploratory drilling for hydrocarbon reserves near the island of Cyprus at the end of October.

Turkey will take all “necessary measures” to protect its interests in the gas-rich Eastern Mediterranean if needed, Erdogan said on Saturday.

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