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2 children dead, 10 people missing after refugee boat capsizes 50m from shore

Two children died and some ten people are missing when an inflatable boat capsized 50 meters from the shore in Bodrum, Turkey, short before 6 o’ clock Monday morning.

There were mostly women and children and even a baby on board of the 6-meter inflatable boat that was supposed to bring refugees and migrants to the island of Kos.

Turkish media report of tragic scenes when mothers were calling their children and everybody was trying to keep afloat.

Citizens  at  Gumbet beach who heard the cries for help jumped in the water to save lives even before police and coast guard came.

17 people were rescued and three swam to the beach, Turkish coast guard said in a statement.

A traffic policeman took a rescued little girl and run 100 meters to bring the breathless child to the ambulance, while people were watching  with tears in their eyes, Turkish media report.

The rescued were taken to hospitals in the area.

The rescued three children were in critical condition, two of them passed away short time later.

According to media, some 30 people were on board.

It is one more tragedy taking place between Greece and Turkey as the flow of  refugees and migrants doe snot stop, even after the EU  Turkey deal.

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