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“Greece alone has right to extension of its territorial waters, whenever…” says Athens

“Extension of coastline is a legitimate and inalienable sovereign right of Greece, in accordance with international law,” Athens responded to Ankara that claimed extension of territorial waters was a casus belli.tells

In a statement issued early Tuesday afternoon, the Greek Foreign Ministry said Greece’s right to expand its territorial waters is “unconditional” and “not negotiable.”

The decision to extend its territorial waters solely depends on Greece that has the right to do so whenever it wants and as it deems it.”

This right is unconditional and is questioned or negotiated with third parties. not called into question or negotiated with third parties. This is certainly the case for the whole territory.”

“Arbitrary interpretations of international law and threats of violence on the part of Turkey, as well as the questioning of the legitimate rights of our country, neither change this fact nor contribute to good neighborly relations,” the Foreign Ministry statement concluded.

Last week, Greece announced to extend its territorial waters in the Ionian Sea and South Peloponnese.

As expected Turkey reacted even though with four days delay and reminded of parliament decision of 1995 that Ankara would consider as “act of war” (casus belli) any extension on part of Greece in the Aegean – and as it seems not only.

As usually since the middle 1990’s, a word of words has broken out between the two neighboring countries – for one more time.

However, both sides have so far said what they have to and currently it does not seem like an escalation of tension.

Note that since Nikos Kotzias resignation last week, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is also Foreign Minister.

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