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Greece 2018: Pupils go to school on an open farmer’s truck

This is not a picture shot in some remote area in undeveloped world. This picture has been shot in Greece on 18. October 2018.

Fifteen children are been transported on an open farmer’s  truck.

This is the only way for the elementary pupils to reach their school in Chrysopigi, 6 km away from their villages in mountainous Valtos in Western Greece.

Since the beginning of the school year on 11. September, the father of one of the pupils transfers the children to school from the villages of Katsoulari, Theriakisi, Petsala and a few other settlements.

When it rains or it is cold, the children stay home and away from the school classes.

Reason for this dangerous transport of children is …bureaucracy.

The Education Ministry  may subsidize the transfer of pupils from remote areas to schools, however, the taxis  that could to the farmers’ job are not allowed to. The taxis are registered in the town of  Amphilohia and not in the area of Valtos on the mountains. Legislation does not allow the taxi drivers to areas other than those where they are registered. Ministry effort for transport via the local bus companies have failed so far, because they have not a mini bus available to reach the villages through the narrow and rough mountainous roads.

The ministry hopes to solve the problem soon, by having initiated a new bide.

Until then, pupils and parents pray that the daily journeys to school will go well and without any unpleasant surprises.

It was the farmer and truck driver who published the picture and made the issue public on local media.

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