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“Turkey will not tolerate fait accompli in Aegean or Mediterranean,” says Defense…

Turkey has taken all necessary measures if a decision is taken contrary to its rights and interests in the Aegean Sea, Turkish Defense Minister and former four-star general and Chief of Turkish General Staff, Hulusi Akar, said on Wednesday.

Turkey will not tolerate any Greek fait-accompli in the Aegean or Mediterranean, and will not allow any Greek intervention on Turkish exploration works in the Eastern Mediterranean, Akar speaking at state-run news agency Anadolu.

“We are in favor of settling matters through talks and peaceful methods, before they turn into a hot conflict in any way,” Hulusi Akar said.

“We have taken all necessary measures. I want everyone to know that we will not tolerate a fait accompli of any sort on this subject, he said.

Akar’s warnings come days after an incident with Turkish vessel Barbaros off Cyprus and after Greece announced to extend its territorial waters to 12 miles form coastline in the Ionian Sea.

” “Our warships in the region are providing the necessary protection. We will never allow a new harassment,” he said.

Lat week, a frigate of the Greek Navy stopped Turkish seismic and hydrocarbon surveying vessel Barbaros  from sailing into the Greek continental shelf off Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Ankara claimed that it was the Turkish navy prevented a Greek frigate from interfering in the activity of the vessel.

To prove his claims Hulusi Akar provided some pictures which in fact do not prove much….

He reiterated that there can be no viable project in the Aegean and Mediterranean without Turkey and Turkish Cypriots.

Akar’s remarks came a day after Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Greek Ambassador in Ankara to complain about both issues.

Short time later, the Greek Foreign Ministry issues a statement saying “Greece alone has the sole right to decide when and how to extend its territorial waters and sovereignty.

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