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2,700 liters of heating oil stolen from school in mountainous Siatista

The director of Technical high-school (EPAL) in Siatista tried in vain to start the heating on Wednesday morning. The system did not work even though 2,700 liters of heating oil were delivered just one day earlier.

When he went to check the tank he found out that not a single drop of heating oil was inside. He came to the conclusion that the heating oil was simply stolen.

“There was no traces of violation on any padlock or window,” Director Kostas Margaritis told media.

Somebody had either the key to the tank or he parked a vehicle next to the school and got all the heating oil with a hose, he added.

“Maybe it is not the first time that heating oil is being stolen, but we found it out because the tank was full just yesterday,” Margaritis stressed.

It is worth noting that the local police station is very close to the school.

Now police investigates and among others it screen security cameras to check if a suitable vehicle, that is a tanker-truck, had parked outside the school other than the one that delivered the heating oil.

The director has filed a lawsuit against ‘unknown perpetrators.

Now the big question is how to provide adequate heating for the students in the town of West Macedonia, built on the austral slope of the Velia mountain at a height of 920 meters aboe the sea level.

The school committee asks from the municipality to come up for the cost so that the school fills the tank wit new heating oil.

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