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Two policemen arrested for being involved in migrants’ trafficking ring

Two police officers were arrested for being involved in migrants’ trafficking helping migrant to cross from Turkey into Greece via the Evros river. It is the second case in a week where policemen are accused of such illegal actions.

The two officers were arrested in Soulfi, North East Greece on Thursday, following a thorough investigation by the Internal Affairs Department of the Greek Police. Investigators had the officers under the magnifying glass since summer.

The officers were serving their duty at the Border Post in Soufli.

Together with them, also a farmer in the area found himself behind bars. He was reportedly the connection man between the Greek and the Turkish traffickers.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the trafficking ring was operating in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. They would provide boats to migrants and refugees wanting to illegally cross Evros river, the natural border between the three countries.

After crossing, the traffickers would transfer the migrants with vehicles in areas of Northern Greece.

The two police officers have been suspended from duty pending trial.

Last week, another policeman was arrested on the island of Samos, also for being involved in migrants’ trafficking. The man was serving at the airport of the island.

The officer was arrested after an arrested Palestinian refugee identified him as a member of a trafficking ring. The Palestinian was trying to leave Greece for Western Europe with forged travel documents. The refugee told police that he had paid several thousands of euros and was supplied with forged travel documents. It was his second attempt to leave for Europe. He identified the police officer as one member of the trafficking ring.

Investigation in his car and home revealed that the officer was in procession among others of three pistols incl dozens of bullets, a gun to fire flares, two knives and a wooden bat.

He has been also suspended from duty.

A couple of days earlier, another policeman was arrested  after he tried to rob migrants from Pakistan in their home in Nikaia suburb of Piraeus.

PS It is high time, Greek Police should start seriously looking into the increased delinquency of its members.

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