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Passenger slightly injured in another attack against Athens public buses

A passenger was slightly injured when unknown perpetrator or perpetrators attacked a public bus in one of the main roads of Athens, the Syggrou avenue. A little earlier, another bus was attacked in the suburb of Agioi Anargyroi in West Athens.

The bus was at the height of Agios Sostis Church, in the middle of the avenue that connects the city center to the coast. It was short after 9 o’ clock Monday night when the bus was attacked with what police says either rocks or a bullet from an air rifle.

A bus window was smashed and a woman was slightly injured in the eye.

Two hours earlier, another bus was attacked in Agioi Anargyrioi. Nobody was injured in this incident.

It is the fifth attack against public buses in less than a week and the fourth in Syggrou avenue.

Last Saturday, three buses in Syggrou Avenue were attacked between 8 and 10 o’ clock at night.

In the last few weeks, more than 12 buses were attacked with stones in Kamatero and  Petroupolis in Western Athens.

All buses were attacked while on the move.

The attacks have set police on alert, some bus drivers in the areas where attacks have taken place are reluctant to do their duties concerned about passengers’ and their own safety.

Highly alerted are also commuters who are concerned about their safety.

Authorities plan to set police patrols in the areas where the attacks take place.

Bus drivers suggest perpetrators are either teenagers or somebody with psychological problems.

Fact is so far police seems to have no clue.

Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) that runs the public buses and Greek Police are reportedly to hold a meeting seeking measures to protect commuters and drivers.

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