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Turkey in paranoia: “Greece, Israel, Egypt are part of Khashoggi’s murder plot”

A very new Turkish narrative based on paranoia and conspiracy theories: “Greece, Israel and Egypt are part of the murder plot of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the consulate in Istanbul. This unbelievable allegation has been claimed by Erdogan’s close aide Yigit Bulut, who is famous for his delirium and ravings claims, if he would only not appear in state television of Turkey.

“Greece, Israel and Egypt are part of murder plot involving slain Saudi Arabia journalist Khashoggi in Istanbul,” Yigit Bulut said in TRT Television, where he is a frequent guest.

Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered inside the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul which he visited in order to get a license to marry his fiance last month

Furious about the energy cooperation of these three countries in East Mediterranean Sea,  Ankara had Bultu advising Greece to not depend on the United Kingdom. And he reiterated his claims from last week that “Greeks cannot confront the Turkish Navy.”

Enlisting the ‘good old traditional perception’ that Turkey is surrounded by enemies, Bulut said “a belt extending from Europe to Israel has always harbored hostility towards Turkey they never wanted Turks in this region. Europe even made Turks to fight unnecessary wars against Russia.”

It is worth noting that Russia and Turkey have come closer recently due to Syria, a cooperation sealed with armament sales to Ankara triggering the anger of US and the NATO of which Turkey is a member.

Bulut vowed that Turkey will continue oil and gas exploration in the East Mediterranean off-shore Cyprus.

PS I suppose Erdogan must be in real trouble inside his country, if he has his chief advisor claiming such nonsense.

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