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Raki instead of ‘contrast agent’: Cretan grandpa lands in intensive care

The grandpa was supposed to undergo a magnetic resonance imagine (MRI) for his digestive system at a public hospital in Herakleio, Crete. However, instead of an examination that is considered routine, the elderly man landed in intensive care with brain stroke symptoms.

According to local media, the elderly man went to the hospital in the company of a relative who had knowledge of  health issues. As tradition on the island of Crete dictates, they brought presents for the hospital personnel: a bottle of local raki snaps and a box of home-made cheese pies.

Before the scanning, the grandpa had to drink the contrast agent, dissolved in a glass with water. It was the relative to administer that the elderly man was complying with the procedure and drink the necessary amount.

Already after the first sip, the grandpa reportedly complained about “the very strong taste.”

But the relative kept urging him to finish the portion assuring him that the contrast agent “had the sweet taste of anise like ouzo” and telling him “Keep drinking!”

It is not clear how many glasses of raki dissolved in water – or water dissolved in raki – the grandpa had drunk, but at some point, he started vomiting and it looked as if he was suffering a stroke.

He was immediately taken to intensive care and soon the issue was cleared.

Instead of contrast agent, the relative had grabbed the wrong fluid and gave the man raki that usually has a 40-50% volume of alcohol.

Raki like ouzo is transparent in color but turns milky white when mixed with water. Just like the contrast agent.

The grandpa survived the alcohol poisoning and was discharged from hospital at a later point.

The incident took place two weeks ago and there has been no reaction by the hospital, local media cretapost reports. The incident was revealed by local newspaper “Patris” on Friday.


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