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Ex FM Kotzias files lawsuit for “defamation, intimidation and spreading of fake news”

Former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has filed a lawsuit for defamation and dissemination of fake news aiming to undermine him and the Prespes Agreement. The former FM filed a 10-page lawsuit at the Prosecutor of Greece’s Supreme Court.

The former minister believes that “legal suits for treason brought against him by certain organizations, bullets sent to him vial mail, certain media reports relating to the alleged issuing of visas, the bribery of journalists in Balkan countries as well as the allegations he received funds by billionaire Geroge Soros all shared the common aim of intimidating him because of his policy towards FYROM.

Kotzias attached specific media reports that were allegedly designed to intimidate him against concluding talks with FYROM over the Macedonia name.

He evaluated these reports as a follow-up of the threat campaign against him even at the expense of his physical integrity and the one of his family.

In his lawsuit, Kotzias referred to Greek irredentist claims aiming to undermine Greece’ negotiating line during the talks for the Prespes Agreement

Indicative were the curses by priests (thankfully they were just a few and essentially uneducated) against Kotzias personally, and the government as a whole. Even worse, the slogans heard in a series of protests (without that the justice intervened)  such as “bring us weapons to enter Skopje.”

Describing alleged “revelations” about funding media in FYROM and Albania as “unacceptable actions” Kotzias reportedly notes that the prosecutor has also intervened as such claims alleged that the Greek state is acting illegally towards third countries.

Open extortion and threats personally to Kotzias and his family: “Hundreds of letters, telephone messages, emails, messages on the phone, to himself, but also to the staff of minister’s secretary department. Bullets were sent, but also blood and soil “where his family should be buried.”

In his lawsuit he mentions that “threats and extortion were intended to force him to not conclude negotiations with Skopje, blackmailed him so that he does not implement the policy decided by the overwhelming majority of the government and the majority of the parliament of the Hellenic Republic, at least, to force him to silence.”

He notes that after all threats and extortion did not have effect, “the illegal blackmailers tried to defame him by their access to certain media.”

“They spread fake news that Kotzias took over 50 million euros from Soros. Kotzias noted that he has never met Soros neither did he have any relation with him and stressed that the entire Soros system fought against the Greek MInistry of Foreign Affairs in the two years (2016-2017) during attempts to solve the Cyprus issue.

The ‘fight’ was apparently because Kotzias wanted to abolish the status of guarantor powers and the withdrawal of the [Turkish] occupying troops in order to make Cyprus a normal state” Kotzias reportedly noted in his lawsuit.

Nikos Kotzias resigned after a stormy Cabinet meeting in October. Media had reported that it was Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, a fierce opponent of the Prespes Agreement, who accused him of having taken money from Soros.

According to daily Estia, the former minister accused “a [power] center within the Maximos Mansion [the Prime Minister’s office]” of taking various actions with the aim of intimidating him.

The Supreme Court prosecutor has ordered a probe into Kotzias’ lawsuit.

PS Who can forget the rage against the government in general and Kotzias in particular by several diaspora organizations opposing the Prespes Agreement? Odd enough, they have been quite ‘silent’ in the last few months.

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