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Rhodes without power supply as both PPC plants go out of order

A blackout occurred at 10:20 on Friday morning leaving the whole island of Rhodes without power. According to preliminary information, the blackout occurred due to a technical problem initially in one of the power plants on the island. both power plants on Rhodes are out of order.

While technical teams try to fix the problem, locals and tourists see are wondering when normality will return on the island.

Speaking to news website newsit, mayor of Rhodes Fotis Hatzidiakos said an hour after the blackout, “Right now the problem affects the whole city [of Rhodes.] PPC teams try to identify the problem. We have been in the dark in terms of information and power supply. Telephones and traffic lights are out of order.”

According to local daily rodiaki, the problem initially occurred in one of the six units of power plant Soronis. The unit out of order soon affected the operation of the remaining five units and caused an additional blackout in the second and new established plant of Public Power Company in the south of Rhodes.

According to preliminary estimation of technical teams, the damage was caused due to the low power loads currently on the island combined with a “failure” of the system.

PPC technicians are reportedly working to restore the power supply, they estimate that the problem will be solved in the next hours.

Rhodes is one of most popular Greek destinations for tourists with the tourist season to be extended for longer time than in other destinations due to the fair weather conditions.

Two hours after the blackout started there seem to be no disruptions at the airport.

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