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Lightning strikes Eurowings flight EW652 from Cologne to Thessaloniki

A shock for Eurowings passengers heading to Thessaloniki in North Greece from Cologne in Germany on Wednesday morning. A lightning stroke Eurowings flight EW652 forcing the pilot to return to departure airport for safety reasons.

Eurowings flight EW652 had to return to Cologne, Germany, on Wednesday morning, after the airplane was struck by a lightning. The morning flight was heading to “Macedonia” airport in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

According to Greek media, it was the pilot’s decision to return to departure airport and land the plane in Cologne for security reasons. The pilot reportedly informed the passengers about the incident and the route change.

Representatives from ‘Macedonia’ airport managing company Fraport confirmed to Greek media that the scheduled morning flight from Cologne did not arrive. “The plane landed in another airport, we have not been informed about the reason,” Fraport told newsit.

Flight EW652 was scheduled to land in Thessaloniki at 10:10 a.m.

All passengers are reportedly safe and for sure they will not easily forget the unexpected adventure in the air.

Neither the number of passengers and crew nor the airspace where the lightning stroke have been revealed.

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