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Prespes Agreement approved by Committee of Greek Palriament

With a majority of votes, the Committee of National Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Greek Parliament approved the Prespes Agreement on Tuesday afternoon. The deal between Greece and FYROM will be now submitted to the Plenary for voting and ratification.

The discussion and processing of the draft law ratifying the name issue agreement signed by Greece and FYROM began on Monday afternoon. A total of 38 deputies spoke, besides party rapporteurs and those responding to comments.

Ex Tsipras’ partner Kammenos said he will support a no-confidence vote against the government.

The final report by the Committee is expected to be tabled in parliament, recommending ratification.

Discussion in the parliament plenary will begin on Wednesday and continue past midnight on Thursday, to Friday morning, when the voting will take place.

The Prespes Agreement has triggered a fierce political conflict not only of the coalition government that saw its junior partner ANEL go away. Small opposition parties of the progressive wing saw also a loss of lawmakers as the latter decided to vote in favor or against the Agreement despite the party leadership to have ruled otherwise.

ANEL lost 4 MPs, To Potami 3, and they also lost the status of a parliamentary group with all the benefits.

The Movement of Change (KINAL), an alliance of left and center-left forces around PASOK is also losing lawmakers and power, after leader Fofi Gennimata expelled the leader of coalition partner DIMAR because he said he supports the agreement. Also former PM George Papandreou has implied to support Prespes.

it looks as if KINAL will soon be what it was from the very beginning, the old PASOK with a new name.

At the end of the voting on Thursday, the Greek Parliament will have a different landscape with the small opposition parties to count their wounds.

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