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30% of Greek pensioners receive less than 500 euros per month

One third of Greek pensioners receives a monthly pension of no more than 500 euros. According to data from the Helios database of the Greek Labor Ministry for August and September 2018, the average monthly pension was 724.18 euros.

Supplementary pension was 172.32 euros per month, while dividend paid monthly to pensioners amounted 97.84 euros per months.

In total, the sum of main and supplementary pension in the said period was 896.5 euros.

According to the data, the major reduction pensioners endured during the bailout period, resulted into that 30.41% of pensioners (599,943 out of a total of 1,972,214) receives less than 500 euros a month. the average is just 370.17 euros.

Pensioners aged between 56 and 65 received higher pensions than their older counterparts again in August and September.

Of 4,463,557 pensions paid to 2,561,391 pensioners, 2,830,856 were main pensions and 1,237,483 supplementary pensions.

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