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“Macedonia protesters are far-right populists” Tsipras tells foreign leaders (video)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras described protesters of Prespes Agreement “as far-right populists with no brain.” Tsipras was talking to a few European leaders at the EuroMed Summit and was not aware that a devil’s device, a microphone, was open.

Asked by French President about the Macedonia protests on January 20 and the protesters’ number, Tsipras struggled with English.

“They were seventy thousands, seventy not seventeen, seven-zero,” the Greek Prime Minister said.

Asked whether the majority of Greeks were in favor of the Prespes Agreement, Tsipras replied “Yes, I think so. The majority of people can think and criticize with their brain.”

Tsirpas’ pejorative approach towards the protesters prompted the reaction of main opposition, conservative New Democracy, as not expected otherwise.

Tsipras is “a minority prime minister who is unworthy and divides the people,” ND leader Kyriakos Misotakis said adding “Tsipras dared insulting Greeks as far-right and brainless and thus in front of foreign leaders. Zaev keeps speaking of Macedonia [and not of North-Macedonia] and Tsipras finds no word to comment on this.”

PS For some weird reason Mitsotakis’ attacks on Tsipras remind me of film “The Trouble with Harry.”

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  1. I guess when you are Marxist like Tsipras everyone left of communist terrorist Che Guerverra, whom he named one of his children after, are “far right”.