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One more house collapse. What’s wrong with old houses in Athens?

One more house collapsed in the historical center of Athens on Tuesday morning. The house built in 1886 was located under the Hill of Pnyx and the National Observatory in Athens. it is the second old house that collapses in less than 48 hours.

No people were in the house at the time of collapse at 10 o’ clock in the morning. A neighbor told media that he had seen the house front  ‘swelling’ at some point on Monday.

He told newsit, that they had informed the Municipality and were told authorities would check it next week.

It was a miracle that no passerby got injured. The house owner who lives on an island in the Ionian Sea was informed about the incident.

The house was reportedly uninhabited since 1975.

The collapse occurred just two days after another old house came down in Gazi district, also in the historical center. The house collapsed at 6:30 in the morning, the loud sound had locals jump out of their beds in panic. Debris fell on two parked cars and damaged them completely.

It is suggested that the strong rainfalls in recent weeks have eroded the walls of the old constructions.

There are more than 1,400 registered old houses in Athens historical center that have been either abandoned by their owners or have an “unknown owner,” state broadcaster ERT reported.

A few dozens have been designated as being “at risk to collapse.” Some 400 houses have been listed by the Culture Ministry.

Now there are voices saying that the Municipality of Athens has to take care of the old buildings. Will it subside their maintenance? Hardly.

According to media reports on Wednesday, the City of Athens is close to order the demolition of 9 abandoned old houses that at the brink of collapse.

PS We all love old houses, but their maintenance has to be paid by the owners. Renovation of such houses is often bound to bureaucratic obstacles and high cost, owners may logically consider that the investment in time and money is not worth it.

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