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Love reading? Little Free Libraries have been set up on the island of Syros

An important initiative for the free dissemination of knowledge has started in the Ateliu area of ​​Vari on the island of Syros. The idea of the Little Free Library has set foot o the island in the Cyclades in the heart of the Aegean Sea, one year after the movement was established in USA.

The idea is simple and free: one takes a book from the Little Free Library, reads it through and puts it back when reading is done.

At the same time, someone can place a book in the Little Free Libraries and let others share the same joy as he did.

The slogan of the Little Free libraries is: Get a Book, Read it, Give it back, Bring one of yours.

The Roussos family in Syros found the LFL idea was something the people on the island were desperately needed.

The first LFL is located at the Roussos Cottage, the second at the General Hospital of Syros, Department for Creative Occupation & Study for Children.

Both libraries were set by Giorgos Roussos and Mihalis Gedeon.

If you can to give your books to the LFL on Syros by contacting Anna Roussou 6974938415 and Elpida Rigoutsou 6906578708, notes cyclades24.gr.

Books for children and adults are welcome.

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