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Streets turn into rivers as torrential rains strike Chania (videos)

For one more time in February, the city of Chania on the island of Crete was hit but torrential rains on Sunday afternoon. Within minutes, the narrow streets of Koum Kapi area were flooded as the guts were not able to cope with the volume of water. Ten houses on the ground and basement floors were flooded.

And not only in Koum Kapi. The streets in the broader area turned into rivers, flooded homes and businesses.

The Fire Service had to intervene and rescue a woman who called for help after her basement home was flooded.

The Fire Service has so far received dozens of call to pump waters.

Many vehicles were trapped in the flooded road network, among them an ambulance.

The Fire Service had to intervene and rescue three motorists when their cars were stuck in the waters.

Authorities urge motorists to caution as landslides have occurred along the national and regional road network. Several roads are closed to traffic due to the landslides.

Sunday night, and dozens of motorists are trapped in BOAK at Fodele due to the heavy hail-fall.

Schools in Platania and Kissamos municipalities will remain closed on Monday due to the weather phenomena and the difficulties to access the schools due to the rainfalls.

Meteorologists have warned of extreme weather phenomena with powerful rainfalls and thunderstorms in Crete until Monday afternoon.

Ten days ago, Chania was the target of another barometric low with torrential rains to have caused big damages in the infrastructure.

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