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Dodecanese celebrate unification with Greece after end of British occupation

The island group of Dodecanes came under a brief occupation by the British from 1945 until 1947, when they were ceded to Greece with the Treaty of Peace. Τhe British occupation ended formally on 7. March 1948, the Dodecanese were untied with the Motherland. Reason for the islanders to celebrate this day with parades.

Wearing traditional costumes, locals on the island of Kos danced for a crowd of cheering audience.

Kos pictures courtesy of Hugh O’ Donnell

The Dodecanese were under Italian occupation from 1921 – they occupied them during the Italian-Ottoman war over Libya -until 1943, where the islands briefly became a battleground between the Germans, British and the Italians.  The Germans prevailed, and although they were driven out of mainland Greece in 1944, the Dodecanese remained occupied until the end of the war in 1945.

Here another interesting picture from that era from my brother.The British troops did not take over the islands immediately. In this case in Kalymnos in 1944 the Germans surrendered to the the sacred band a Greek commando group trained by the British army. – Gemistos Plethon posted on Twitter.

During the German occupation, the Dodecanese remained under the nominal sovereignty of the Italian Social Republic, but were de facto subject to the German military command. After the end of World War II, the islands came under provisional British administration.

Rare stamps on a letter sent from Rhodes on 31. March 1947. Photo courtesy Gemistos Plethon.

British officers handing the Dodecanese to Greece. Ceremony on the island of Kalymnos.

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