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German woman arrested as prime suspect for death of Greek partner

For ten days, she was sleeping next to her dead partner, she was talking to him and she would even cook for him, the German national, the number one suspect for the death of real estate agent in Halandri, reportedly told police.

The 56-year-old German national even admitted to have given him sleeping pills and not call the emergency service when the man felt sick, “coughing and foaming from the mouth.”

The details of her description during police interrogation are creepy and shock the society.

“He came home drunk, he was shouting and I put 5-6 sleeping pills in a glass with orange juice to calm him down,” she reportedly said among others. She later woke up to find out that he was dead.

Greek authorities found the body of the man on February 22, after neighbors complained about “penetrating bad smell” coming from the apartment the couple was renting in Halandri suburb of northern Athens.

The body of the 64-year-old Greek was lying on the floor, tied up and carefully wrapped with blankets and bed sheets, from head to toe. It was in advanced sepsis and police could not recognize at first sight whether it belonged to a man or a woman.

His German partner had disappeared and was therefore considered as the prime suspect for the man’s death.

The woman was arrested on Saturday morning as she was about to check out from a hotel in Pangrati district of Athens.

Based on her testimony as leaked to the press, the man died on December 19, 2018. After spending 10 days next to her dead partner, the woman went to Germany by car beginning of January and returned to Greece some time later, hiding in several hotels of the Greek capital.

Still last week,  and a few hours before her arrest, the woman had posted on her Facebook account a picture of her dead partner with a candle, and wrote that she was terribly missing him.

In written statements to media, the woman has claimed that she did not kill the partner and regrets that she did not call for help.

The results of the toxicological exams are to shed light into the causes of the man’s death.

While the police will most probably seek a psychiatrist to evaluate the woman’s mental condition, Greek media describe as the “Psycho” of Greece making reference to the famous Hitchcock film when the protagonists was living with his dead mother.

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