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Rare Coincidence: Worms Super Moon and Spring Equinox, visibility in Greece

A very rare coincidence is happening tonight:  a supermoon, the Worms Moon, will be spectacularly close to watch from Earth, while the Spring Equinox will also take place. It is the first time these two events have occurred on the same day in more than three decades.

The Spring Equinox will happen on Wednesday midnight, exactly at 23:58 local time in Athens, Greece. A few hours later, that is at 03:43 on Thursday morning, the supermoon will brighten the sky.

It will also appear bigger than normal also on Thursday night.

The full moon will be closer to Earth, and so bigger and brighter than it usually appears.

The effect known as the “moon illusion” means it will look larger when it is close to the horizon.

Though the reason for this optical illusion is still up for debate, one explanation is that its relative size to objects on the horizon make it appear bigger.

This is the third and last supermoon that will occur in 2019, following those on January 21 and February 19.

The full moon of March is also called the Worms Moon, after Native Americans have observed that worms begin to appear at the start of spring as the ground begins to thaw.

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