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“The Aegean Sea and Cyprus belong to Turkey,” says Defense Minister Hulusi Akar

“The Aegean and Cyprus belong to Turkey,” said Ankara’s Defense Minister and former top military Hulusi Akar. His claim come just hours after the Greek Foreign Minister said that Turkey has rights in the Mediterranean Sea.

Akar’s claimed buffed not only Greeks but also Turks who asked “how and when did we expand our territory?”

The Turkish Defense Minister was addressing a crowd just a few days before the local elections and was praising the campaign Blue Motherland – when everybody knows that Turkey is red and not blue.

“We have 780,000 square kilometers of land of our homeland,” Akar said. “We are talking about 780,000. I once used to say 800,000 to make it easy to understand. Some people misunderstood and told me “what land did we get?” Be careful. 780,000 square kilometers. And we also have the Blue Motherland of 462,000 square kilometers. We also have the sea and the bottom. The seas. The Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, and within them Cyprus. So, these areas are in the environment of our interest and they are areas that we are responsible for ensuring peace and tranquility.”

Greek Defense Minister, Giorgos Apostolakis, also a former top military, commented on Akar’s statement saying his remarks “are not based on reason.”

“Although we are in a phase that we are struggling to find ways to defuse tension… [Akar] surprised us with something new, with things that are not based on reason,” Apostolakis said.

“It is the principle of Greece that we respect international law and the treaties. When these principles are questioned, we have to be concerned,” he added.

“I do not think that [Akar’s] statements can be taken seriously. [Turkish officials] have to get serious and watch what they say. They shouldn’t shoot off fireworks just to make an impression,” Apostolakis said according to kathimerini.

But why bother and give a serious respond to a Defense Minister who pulls out of his pocket some 300,000 square kilometers [correct would be cubic meters] of water and adds them to his country territory?

KTG believes the most appropriate response to Hulusi Akar who loves the Deep Blue Aegean and Mediterranean Seas but has to swim up to 3 nautical miles from the coast is →→→this!

Had Uderzo/Goscinny published Asterix in Ankara, Obelix would say “These Turks Are Crazy!”

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  1. I thought Turkey belonged to the Hittites!

  2. Irredentist Turkish nationalist extremists have no rights to the Aegean other than areas not covered by 12 mile nautical limit. Their claim that they own all of Cyrpus and Aegean is effectively an act of war against Greece.

    How sad it is that our government is run by far leftist extremists that are such cowards they can’t even defend Greece’s sovereignty. “Greek” leftists claim to be against extreme nationalism but what they really are is COWARDs that appease extreme nationalists in other states.

    – support calling Skopians “Macedonians”.
    – support mass illegal immigration into Greece
    – support “Turkish rights to the Aegean”.

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