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Diaspora Greeks in Melbourne verbally attack gov’t representative over Macedonia

Diaspora Greeks in Melbourne verbally attacked Vice Parliament Speaker and SYRIZA MP, Giorgos Varemenos, who represented the government at the parade of the Greek Independence Day. Reason for the organized vulgar outrage against the politician was the Prespes Agreement, Greece signed with North Macedonia, former FYROM.

When the parade concluded and Varemnos started his speech, members of the audience started to shout “Greece, Greece, Macedonia”, to call him a “thug” and the government in Athens “traitors.”


They booed him non stop and called him “traitor” and “thug”.

The group of the “Macedonia protesters” were reportedly some 50 people among hundreds of members of the Greek community in Melbourne  who attended the parade peacefully and without patriotic fanfares and disrespect.

In a statement Giorgos Varemenos expressed his surprise about media reports in Greece that “reproduce the vulgar expressions” and “create the impression I rushed to leave the area running.”

According to the vice Parliament Speaker, the so-called protesters were a group of people who tried to tried to blemish a sacred site [the area where the parade was held in dedicated to Fallen War Heroes] with the well-known fascist slogan against politicians.”

Based on comments on social media, the “protesters” were affiliated to the local branch of far-right Golden Dawn.

And many write that “if diaspora Greeks continue like this they will never get a voting right in Greece.”

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One comment

  1. Golden Dawn are extremists… but so are COMMUNISTS.The far leftist “Greeks” that keep defending our COMMUNIST PM live in an alternate reality if they think only G olden Dawn see our COMMUNIST Syriza as traitors and thugs. How sad it is that alleged leftist “Greeks” once again commit treason by agreeing to all Skopians “Macedonians”.

    The Greek left idiotically thinks they are fighting nationalism but in reality they are supporting extreme nationalists in Skopje… the majority of whom continue to promote irredentism and ancient Macedonian fantasies while Greek leftists stick their heads in the ground.

    VMRO NOT SDSM is the most popular party in Skopje. And they oppose this deal. Unfortunately UNDEMOCRATIC far leftist thugs in our government went against the will of the majority of the Greek by agreeing to call Skopians and their language straight “Macedonians”. This goes against YEARS of foreign policy by all our pollical parties on a name that includes a qualifier.

    Bandwagen leftist traitors cared more about getting good foreign press.. by those that spit on the Greek people by ridiuclously claiming Skopians “ethnic” Maceodnians”… then Hellenism. None of the foreign politicians, “human rights’ ngos, and journalists that praise comrade Tzpras for doing their bidding… would vote for the extreme of a COMMUNIST in their own homelands.