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Smart phone worth €300 explodes during incoming call (video)

A smart phone worth 300 euros exploded during an incoming call. The phone ‘swill’ exploded and got fire, just a moment before the owner, a young woman, picked it up.

Andriana Amanatidou would never thought that the smart phone she bought a year ago at a shop in Veria, North Greece, would scare her to death. The 24-year-old cosmetician just wanted a good tool for her work.

There was an incoming call, the phone rang but the screen remained black, she told media on Monday morning. The phone was blocked and turned on vibrating mood, although she had not done this herself. She tried to unblock it, removed the sim card.

“The moment I was picking it up, it suddenly swill, exploded and got fire, there was a lot of smoke” she said.

Terrified Andriana threw the smart phone on the floor with the effect that the carpet got fire too.

Her father and a neighbor heard her screams and rushed to extinguished the fire.

“It was a miracle I was not injured in the face and the hands, I just some bruises in the hand and a little bleeding in the fingers” she added.

She did not have any problems with the phone in the 14 months she had in her possession. She did not reveal the brand name.

As she had the receipt she turned to the shop where she bought the smart phone and she was told they would refund it. But Andriana is determined to take legal measures.

It could have been worse, imagine the phone was in the hands of a child, she said.

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