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Greece’s Meteorologists warn of extreme wave of Sahara Dust during Holy Week

Significant transportation of Sahara Dust is expected to strike Greece during the whole Holy Week, April 22 to April 26, 2019. South winds blowing with intensity of up to 6 and 7 Beaufort will transport billions of particles of red dust. The Sahara dust will initially affect West Greece as of Tuesday, April 23, and the wave will spread across the country until Friday, April 26.

In the video below, shades of brown and red represent the concentration of dust in the atmosphere at a height of 10 meters above the surface and the wind speed.

The dust front is reportedly due to an extensive field of low pressure in the Western Mediterranean, which, combined with the high pressures in our region, creates a strong South Stream in the Central Mediterranean that transfers dust from Africa far in the North  than usual.

The aerial mass flow will also be responsible for the rising of temperatures across the country, especially in the South where they will reach up to 26 – 27 degrees Celsius.

In general the weather will be a typical April weather with light to moderate rainfalls, clouds and sunshine especially in the southern parts of Greece.

The weather on Easter Sunday, when thousands of Greeks roast their top delicacies Lamb and Kokoretsi outdoors, remains still a …mystery.

Monday, April 22, is still too early for a reliable weather forecast on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

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