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Greeks pay the most expensive mobile internet

Greek consumers pay the seventh highest charges in the world to buy a gigabyte of data to surf the internet on their phone, according to a survey conducted by British company Cable in 230 countries.

The nominal price of 1 GB in Greece reaches up to 28.93 euros, while the average rate around the world is 7.5 euros/GB. In other words, the charges in Greece are four times the global average. The most expensive country to buy data is Zimbabwe, with 1 GB setting users back 66 euros. The cheapest country in the world in that respect is India, where users pay an average rate of 0.22 euros/GB.

To gauge the average charge in Greece, Cable assessed 15 cell network packages through the rates mentioned in the providers’ websites. The lowest rate among those packages was 2.08 euros/GB of data and the highest was 193.72 euro/GB.

For their part, the mobile service suppliers active in the Greek market argue that the rates mentioned on their own websites as their standard charges are not those offered to consumers, meaning that users can make use of discounts and special offers.

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  1. Not sure where they get their data from, but I pay €25 for 10 GB with Cosmote Prepaid. Which is about the same I would have to pay back in Germany

  2. I’m not a big mobile data user, and I’m pay-as-you-go with Q. When I top up with €10 they give me 1GB of data free, that usually lasts me a month. If I need more I can buy another 1GB for €4. I don’t consider that a bad deal.