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Nafpaktos: They celebrate Good Friday with fireworks (video)

An impressive custom revives every year in Nafpaktos on Good Friday. Thousands of believers follow the procession of two Epithaphs and arrive at the “flaming” harbor. The fishermen of the area arrive by the sea transporting the religious symbols on a boat.

The custom has its roots in the time when the Ottomans had occupied Greece, and the Greek Orthodox wanted to celebrate the Passion Week and Jesus Resurrection.

The procession of the two epitaphs slender through the streets of the town with a local band and a chorus with mournful music and hymns.

When the procession arrives at the main square and the epitaphs return to the churches of Agios Dimitrios and Agia Paraskevi, the sky is filled with fireworks.

Fireworks on Good Friday is not a tradition of the Greek Orthodox Passion Week. However, in Nafpaktos they remind of the attempts of local hero Anemogiannis who tried to set on fire an Ottoman flagship.

The customs as seen today began in the 1950’s.

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