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Greece’s weekend weather: Rainfalls, storms, hail, Sahara dust and mud rain

After days of dry, sunny weather, a deterioration is underway with rainfalls, mud-rain, storms, powerful south winds and Sahara dust. The weather warning by Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY issued on Friday noon, speaks of South winds up to 8 and 9 Beaufort in the Ionian and the Aegean Sea.

Rainfalls and storms will be local very strong and accompanied by hail-falls.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

The bad weather front is forecast to set in Ionian Sea and West Peloponnese, and gradually expand to West Sterea, Epirus and the rest of the country.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The bad weather will affect Epirus, West Sterea, Thessaly and Macedonia mainly at noon and early afternoon and Thrace as of the afternoon, the East and South island of the Aegean Sea.


Stormy South-East winds 7-8 Beaufort are forecast for the Ionian Sea as of Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning.

Winds will be blowing with intensity of up to 9 Beaufort in the Aegean Sea on Sunday.

As sea traffic is usually halted when winds blow with over 8-9 Beaufort, sea passengers are advised to contact local port authorities and travel agents.

Temperatures are expected to range between 2°-5° C in West Macedonia, Epirus and other parts of Greece in the early morning hours and up to 21°- 26° C at noon time.

In the rest of the country temperature in expected to move around 25°-27° C.

The bad weather phenomena are expected to weaken as of Sunday evening, although there is forecast for rainfalls also on Monday, May 6.

Video: Rain forecast for May 4-6, 2019.

The weather conditions with South winds favor the trasnfer of significant amounts of Sahara dust.

Indicative Sahara Dust forecast for Sunday noon.

Meteorologists warn of mud rainfalls due to the African dust.

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  1. marianne chrysanthou

    When are people going to wake up??? This weather has nothing to do with a “”normal”” phenomena ..
    or indeed so called “global warming”…It has everything to do with manipulation and HAARP !!!!