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New Democracy and leader Mitsotakis support a 7-day working week?

“If a company, with the agreement of the employees, changes the 5-day work into a 7-day business contract and more earnings and labor rights, that shows that we are in a changing environment. State, enterprises and workers have to adapt to these conditions.” leader of main opposition party New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Sunday and triggered a storm of reactions.

“I recognize that people are working in a different way than they have been working on up to now, and that the state should secure labor rights for people who have other habits,” Mitsotakis added when he was asked by reporters on labor issues during a live press conference on Sunday.

Government sources but also high-ranking government ministers accused Mitsotakis of “committing himself in favoring a 7-day week” if he becomes  prime minister and that he “takes workers back to the 18th century.

ND responded with a long press release speaking of government “fake news, sludge mechanism and unprecedented gaffe,” arguing that Mitsotakis referred to a specific business contract of Papastratos cigarette company. According to ND the company has recently signed a collective bargain agreement with employees for the 7-day operation of the factory but not a 7-day working week for the employees.

Among others, the leader of Greece’ main opposition party said also that “profitable enterprises should share a percentage of their profit with their employees.

PS the problem with pre-election statements is that if they are vague they need long explanation statements….

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