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Family, Armed Forces and Church are the institutions Greeks trust mostly

“Family”, the “Armed Forces” and the “Church” are the institutions Greeks seem to trust more, according to a public opinion poll conducted by MRB on behalf of conservative German Konrad Adenauer Foundation affiliated with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

According to the survey, the institution of the “family” is the one Greeks trust more with 81%, while 75.8% trust the “Armed Forces.”

KINAL/PASOK voters show with 91.8% the highest trust to “family,” while New Democracy voters as well as SYRIZA voters follow with 80%. Communist KKE voters with 79.6% and far-right Golden Dawn with 78.9%.

Confidence in the armed forces records the highest percentages among the Golden Dawn voters with 85% and the lowest among the voters of KKE with 56.8%.

The “Church” and the status of the “Greek citizen” enjoy a trust of 64.8%.

the Church records the highest percentage among G81.2% and KINAL/PASOK with 79.7%. The lowest rate is recorded among voters of KKE with 33.9%, while SYRIZA voters are present with 55.1%.

With a total percentage of 64.7%, universities and schools are also among the top five institutions Greeks trust most.

The top five are followed by Police, Justice, the big social institutions and the President of the Hellenic Republic.

  • Only 46.6% trust the Greek Government as Institution.

European Union and lenders’ institutions do not enjoy much of Greeks’ trust.

Just 28.8% have trust to the European Union,25.5% to the European Parliament, 20% to the European Central Bank and just 11.6% to the International Monetary Fund. The ECB and the IMF are at the bottom of the list.

At the same time, Greeks trust Greek banks at just 24.6%.

Greeks trust social media at 27%, Mass media and newspapers at 25.% and the internet at 31.2%

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