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Greece EU elections Finals: ND leads with 9.36% ahead of SYRIZA

With 100% of the votes counted, the results show an unprecedented lead for EU elections for New Democracy: a 9.35% difference towards SYRIZA. ND has received 33.12% of the votes, while SYRIZA got 23.76%. The difference in favor of ND rose to 18.6% among the Greek expat voters.

Greece sends 21 people from six political parties to the European Parliament.

Snapshot from Interior Ministry website on Wendesday afternoon. Also in comparison to EU elections in May 2014 – New Democracy – SYRIZA – KINAL/PASOK – KKE – Golden Dawn – Greek Solution – MeRA25/DiEM25

Compared to May 2014 elections, ND wind 3 more seats in the European Parliament, SYRIZA maintains the same number. Golden Dawn has also the same number of seats although it lost almost half of its voters. It is questionable on whether one of its MEP Yiannis Lagos, will be able to jn the EP due to a travel ban imposed by Greek authorities pending the GD trial.

Big surprise is the one seat for founder of Elliniki Lysi ( Greek Solution) Kyriakos Velopoulos, an ultra right-wing politician who according to his own statements is “right from ND”, a fan of Orban and opposes things that are “very much Nazi [sic!]”

The European elections wiped out three political parties with presence in the Greek Parliament.

Greek voters down voted three political parties with presence in the Greek parliament. They “punished’ To Potami, The Centrists’ Union and Independent Greeks (ANEL) of former SYRIZA coalition partner Panos Kammenos, that  sank below 2% and some even below 1%.

Stavros Theodorakis said that he will resign as Potami leader and he will propose that the party does not participate in the parliamentary elections.

Centrists’ Union lost one MP in Greek Parliament as he resigned on Thursday. The parliamentary groups has been dissolved.

The defeat of ANEL makes it doubtful whether the party will participate in the general elections on July 7, 2019. Such a decision is still due.

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