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Employers deny permission to four employees to join Uni entrance exams

Employers have denied permission to four employees, students at the Evening Highschool of Chania, to participate in the general exams for university entrance.

The employers did not change the students’ shift in order to facilitate them to join the exams. At the same time, their colleagues refused to jump in in shift exchange.

The duration of the exams was estimated to be 3 hours.

The case was revealed by a senior lecturer at the Evening General Lyceum with a post on social media and triggered an outrage not only among the society on Crete but also across the country.

The Education Ministry issued a statement condemning the employers’ behavior. “The arbitrary employers’ behavior and unprecedented analgesia triggers anger and social indignation,” the ministry said accusing them of “promoting labor conditions from the Middle Ages.”

There is talk that the four students may get a second chance to enter the University with another round of exams designed specially for them. For this a decision of the Education Ministry is needed, but will it do it?

The four students, all reportedly above 40 years old,  have been annoyed by the publicity fearing sanctions in their work places.

However, the Association of Secondary Education Teachers in Chania plans a protest march on Monday.

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  1. As usual the employers were afraid these workers would soon be more informed/knowledgeable than their bosses. Can’t have that, now, can we? Typical corporate slavery attitude propagated by the “number monkeys” ( oops, sorry, I mean the financial managers).