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Inmates in Trikala prison order mobile phones, drone delivers

A drone delivered mobile phones and other items ordered by inmates in the prison of Trikala short after Friday midnight. It was the second delivery attempt in 24 hours, as the first operation early Friday morning was foiled

The drone reportedly landed in the yard of the prison short after Friday midnight. It left a mobile phone, watch batteries and other items and took off again, flying away from the prison facility.

The aerial vehicle, a modern Deus ex machina for the inmates, had flewn in without light. It landed in the yard of the ward where people are convicted for heavy crimes and long prison terms.

The drone “invasion” was noticed by prison guards who signaled alert.

Together with police officers and other prison staff they launched an operation, but the drone had disappeared in the darkness of the night.

According to local media trikalavoice, it was the second drone “invasion” in less than 24 hours.  At 5 o’ clock Friday morning, a prison guard had spotted two drones flying over the ward where Albanians and Russian-Pontic Greeks with heavy prison penalties stay.

The first delivery was foiled as the prison guard alerted his colleagues.

It is not clear whether the customers received their ordered items after all. Most probably they did not.

The prison of Trikala is known due a big prison break in 2013.

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