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4.5-year-old boy from UK drowned in hotel pool on Kos (UPD)

A tragic incident with a child from UK occurred in a hotel on the island of Kos on Saturday morning. A 4.5-year-old boy was found drowned in the swimming pool of the hotel.

The boy, who was on holiday with his parents on the island, was drowned in the pool of a hotel in Marmari area.

The boy reportedly escaped his parents’ attention and went to the pool alone. The child was pulled out of the water without his senses.

When the ambulance from the Kos hospital arrived, the child had already passed away, initial reports said.

According to local media, the child probably woke up earlier than his parents, walked out of the room and dove into the swimming pool.

The boy was discovered in the swimming pool by his parents who also pulled it out of the water, private ANT1 TV reported on Sunday noon.

Paramedics but also doctors in Kos hospital tried to revive the boy, however, their efforts were in vain.

According to the TV broadcaster, the hotel manager but also the boy’s parents have been arrested for setting the life of a minor in danger and for “murder without intent.”

Please, not that several Greek media give the boy’s age as 4.5, 5 or 5.5 years old.

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  1. I know which hotel this is, we were years ago and our son also got out of the room as the door doesn’t lock from inside, luckily my husband spotted our 3yr old running into the pool or this could have been us! Disgraceful that this could have been avoided as I notified the hotel and the holiday reps while we were there, I demanded a lock to be put on the door, after a while they agreed to a chain on the door. Why haven’t all the rooms been changed!

    • Need to get the story straight first as his parents weren’t at the pool.

      • I am at the resort, this is heartbreaking. My first room didn’t have a lock and my 4 year old was doing the same thing. I moved rooms on day 2 and luckily my new room has a chain on the door. People need to not judge the parents, they were sleeping and little boys love an adventure. The only fault is with the hotel as it appears they have received similar feedback and not acted. H&S is about taking action, they have had near misses in the past and failed to act, disgraceful at a hotel marketed as family friendly and yet basic safety like a lockable room to prevent little ones escaping just haven’t been taken. My heart goes out to the family

    • Stephenie caswell

      I was there, the article is wrong. The parents did not pull the boy from the pool. It was another couple. They had to go around all the rooms in the block banging the doors asking if anyone had lost a little boy. It was absolutely heartbreaking.

  2. Where were the parents? Playing with their smartphones?

    • Show some respect! They’ve just lost their son!

      • BS. You mean they have just let their son die. Where is the respect of the parents for their child’s life when the other couple had to knock on everyone’s door to find out where they were.

  3. The parents were asleep in bed. It was 8am. There was no lock on the inside of the door in their room. The little boy let himself out.

  4. 100% agree!. Our 1st room there also didn’t have a chain. Hotel admin and management only care about people who have little issues that can rectified with minimal expense. 😣

  5. I’m interested to know which hotel this was. We went to Kos in September last year & we were in a room that was like a swim up room which we didn’t ask for, we had our 2 girls with us, aged 4 & 1 & our room was a double room which had easy access to outside. We have booked again to visit skis, the same hotel with our children so I’m just curious if it was the hotel we’re going to.

  6. Im really sorry,about their son! First of all we can’t judge the hotel employees or the parents.its done and gone unfortunately its a shock for everyone, the mistakes are many, the parents knows that the door opens by inside, someone should be outside at that time, no one hear or see him. My sincerely condolences. God Bless him!!