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Proastiakos train crashes on public bus in central Athens

A train of Proastiakos crashed with a public bus full with passengers on Friday morning in Athens. The accident occurred at the crossing of Liosion Avenue in central Athens short after 9 o’ clock in the morning.

It was a miracle that there were no serious injuries as the bus was packed with commuters.

Passengers were in shock but nobody was injured.

According to eye witnesses, the bus got trapped on the train tracks due to traffic jam ahead.

When the driver of Proastiakos train noticed that the bus was not moving, he significantly slowed down the train speed and repeatedly pressed the horn for warning.

The passengers reportedly moved to the front of the bus and so a tragedy was avoided when the train crashed on the back part of the bus.

The train was on the route from Piraeus port to Athens International Airport. The accident caused delays in the Proastiakos schedules.

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  1. How can a professional bus driver bring his vehicle to a stop on railroad tracks?!