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Mega yacht empties sewage tank in Santorini Caldera #Yuck!

Mega yacht, mega sh*t, mega audacity. A luxury yacht emptied its sewage tank in the caldera of Santorini, just a few meters away from the coast, in front of the eyes of locals and tourists.

The incident took place in the old port of Saantorini, in Fira.

Some local have captured with the camera the dirty moment by some dirty fellas.

“We caught the litterbug. At this moment, he emptied his sewage (his shit). Now you have evidence. Will you do something?” wrote local radio station Topmelody and posted the pictures on Facebook. Apparently it’s a call to port authorities because it seems it is not the first and not the last such incident.

TopMelody FM briefed its readers that the pictures as well as the name of the yacht were submitted to Santorini port authorities together with a lawsuit.

Some commentator posted that the phenomenon is not rare.

It is not known whether the yacht passengers enjoyed a refreshing swim right afterwards…

PS Crystal clear waters, spectacular sunset and mega sh*t? Local authorities should take measures if they do not want to harm their main revenue source, the tourism.

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  1. Salvini of Italy would know how to take care of that ship.

  2. Xenos_sthn_A8hna

    You mean that Salvini is so used to sewage and his own excreta that he has no problem with it?

    I suspect that as it’s a luxury yacht he would award a medal for hygiene to the captain: it is only the poor and weak that he preys on.