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Varoufakis urges Greeks to vote either MeRA25 or Communist KKE

Former SYRIZA finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has urged Greeks to vote either his own party MeRA25 or communist KKE. “it a vote of resistance against the 4th memorandum,” he stressed.

In an interview with state news agency amna, Varoufakis said that “even if we all in MeRA25 voted SYRIZA, New Democracy will emerge a elections winner, because the people punish every prime minister who has passed memoranda – even someone who has passed two memoranda, one in the summer of 2015 and one in the summer of 2018.”

He argued that the only way for New Democracy to lose absolute majority is to get MeRA25 into the Greek Parliament.

“What will the SYRIZA MPs and Tsipras as main opposition party keep telling to Mitsotakis’ ministers? Give back the EKAS [poverty allowance], the trains, the airports, the surpluses?’ ‘But you got them, they will answer them fairly.”

Varoufakis said that a vote for SYRIZA is the definition of a lost vote. “Votes for ND and KINAL/PASOK strengthen the rigid oligarchy. The vote in SYRIZA is without subject. Only the vote for MeRA25 and the KKE is a vote of resistance against the 4th Memorandum. “

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  1. Xenos_sthn_A8hna

    Varouphakis is really quite clueless about politics. A vote for KKE is no more a vote against the 4th memorandum than a vote for Xryssi Avgi is such.

    When theoreticians get involved with reality, they have a nasty habit of allowing their personal grudges to determine what they say — ending up with exactly the same sort of malakies as we get from all politicians anyway. HOPELESS!

  2. Varoufakis showing his true Marxist credentials, albeit of the champagne variety in view of his personal wealth. He likes to think of himself as the saviour of Greece, more like the yoke around it’s neck.