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Greece’s next Parliament may emerge with six or seven parties, in new composition

A six- or seven-party Parliament is expected to emerge after the general elections in Greece on July 7th, even if with different composition than after the last elections. This is the prediction based on public opinion polls just a week before the elections.

According to the poll, New Democracy still leads with a difference of 9.2% ahead of SYRIZA, and it may even manage the absolute majority.

The Movement of Change (KINAL/PASOK) in on the rise, while far-right Golden Dawn is losing big in comparison to general elections in September 2015.

Varoufakis’ party MeRA25 is on the verge to pass or not the 3% threshold that will allow the party to enter the parliament.

To Potami and ANEL decided to abstain from the race, after their defeat in the European elections in May.  Also Centrists’ Union suffered a defeat, but leader Vassilis Leventis decided to run hoping to convince his former voters to return and help him to the Parliament.

This time, nationalist voters may return to New Democracy or to support new comer Greek Solution. To Potami voters may be split all over the political spectrum from SYRIZA to KINAL and ND.


According to the poll conducted by RASS on June 24-27 on behalf of news website, the Greeks’ political preferences, aka voting intention stand as follows:

New Democracy 35.2%

SYRIZA 26.2%


KKE 6.1%

Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) 3.4%

Golden Dawn 3.2%

MeRA25 2.8%

Centrists’ Union 1.3%

Other party 4.2%

Invalid/White 2.1%

Undecided 6.6%

Mitsotakis vs Tsipras

49.1% of respondents consider ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis as “most suitable for Prime Minister,” and 35.2% Alexis Tsipras. 14.9% think “none of them.”

44.7% say they “feel more secure” with Mitsotakis and 30.5% with Tsipras. 23.4% says “with none of them.”

46.85% say “if ND wins will rule better” than SYRIZA and 31.7% “worse.” 15.1% say “neither better nor worse.”

56.5% say that they would like a “ND absolute majority government”, while 29.2% say they prefer a coalition government. 11.6% say “if failure to form a government then new elections with seats distribution without the 50-seat bonus.

Fact is that more than half of the Greeks do not want the country to enter “new [political] adventures” during the summer or coalition government bargains that will drag.

PS The month of August is ‘holy’ for Greeks’ summer vacations and they do not want to be disturbed by politicians or other annoying troubles and insecurities.

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