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One in two Greeks cannot afford a week summer vacations

Greece may be one of the most popular destinations for tourists but many of the country’s own citizens cannot afford a week away from home to enjoy summer vacations.

Eurostat data show that the economic situation does not allow one in two Greeks to leave their home for even a week in a year.

As the statistics show, 28.3% of the population of the EU Member States could not take a week off from their home in 2018. In  2013 the figure was 39.5%

The data regard people above of 16.

Greece is one of the five countries with the highest number of citizens who failed to raise money for such a long escape.

Specifically, Romania tops the list with 58.9% of citizens unable to take a week off, followed by Croatia with 53.1%, Greece with 51% and Cyprus with the same percentage. In fifth place is Italy with 43.7%.

According to Eurostat, for a period of five years Greece is the only EU country. which has seen a 2% increase in the proportion of its citizens who are not financially able to take a week off.

PS That was 2018. In 2019, end July – beginning of August Greeks flocked ports, bus and train stations and highways and left for the traditional summer vacations. Some will stay in hotels and rent-a-room, others in their village summer houses and some just visit relatives and friends who happen to have the right house in the right place. Preferably by the sea. 🙂

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  1. Somehow I am not moved by this. I don’t have a summer house. I can’t afford to even rent one for a week (over 1000 dollars). I only have one car in my family. Most people here get only 2 weeks holiday. Flying to another part of Canada is expensive.

    We have taken to doing “staycations” where you stay in your own house and visit tourist attractions or you go to parks or the beach. A family of 4 spends at least 100 for entrance fees. Everything else is extra.

    Maybe those “unfortunate ” Greeks should reacquaint themselves with their own cities. It seemed to me there were a lot of people out and about when I was there last September.