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“Full prepayment of business tax should be abolished,” says Varoufakis

“Unless the full prepayment of business tax is abolished, the recession, the migration of people and businesses will not stop and real investments will not arrive,” former finance minister and leader of MeRA25, MP Yanis Varoufakis has said.

H epointed out that “New Democracy and SYRIZA are tied up to the lenders-set primary surplus targets, who persist in them to perpetuate the charade that (Greece’s) public debt is sustainable.”

He claimed that Greece’s health-social insurance system is unsustainable and proposes boosting it with resources coming from the conversion of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) into a New Development Bank, taxing banks 0.2 pct on loans they receive and increasing minimum wage, in combination with the abolition of the prepayment of business tax.

Referring to his party’s cooperation with the British Labor Party, Varoufakis told state news agency amna, that the problems of Greeks “are common to other people’s: non-serviceable loans, low wages, under-employment, poverty, climate change,” and said these issues require (wider) co-operation.

MeRA25 entered the Greek Parliament on July elections with 9 seats.

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