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Rouvikonas anarchists attack restaurant of celebrity chef Botrini

Members of anarchist group Rouvikonas staged an attack against the restaurant of celebrity chief Ektoras Botrini in Halandri suburb of north Athens.

The attack took place in the early morning hours of Friday.

The members of Rouvikonas smashed the main entrance door of the restaurant and threw black and red paint. They left immediately.

Video via ANT1 TV

Later, Rouvikonas uploaded a text on website saying the attack was due to recent denouncement by a 19-year-old that he was victim of bulling in Botrini’s restaurant on the island of Corfu.

Beginning of the month, the 19-year-old chef apprentice in the Corfu restaurant had denounced to labor authorities the bulling he was suffering by the local chef, a bulling that often ended in brutal injuries.

Chef Botrini commented on the allegations saying “I have heard the complain, things are not like that. The course will show. Things have nothing to do with what it is said. Nothing has happened when I am present, in front of me they all behave properly like the Virgin Mary.”

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