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Man shoots and kills two neighbors over parking spot dispute

A 42-year-old man shot two of his neighbors in North Greece over a dispute about a parking space.The perpetrator shot and killed a 42-year-old lorry driver as well as the 67-year-old mother who was standing next to her son.

According to local media, the two men had for one more time a dispute over the spot where the victim would park his lorry, some 50 meters away from the perpetrator’s home.

The one word brought the other and the perpetrator shot with his hunting rifle first the lorry driver and immediately afterwards the driver’s mother.

Both victims died on the spot.

The perpetrator, a worker at the Nestos Municiplaity, had reportedly a license for his rifle. Immediately after the incident he left his rifle in the year where the double murder took place and disappeared. He later surrendered himself to the local police station.

He has been arrested and is to appear before the public prosecutor. He reportedly claimed that the shooting was not over the parking spot.

The double murder occurred in a neighborhood of Chrysoupolis by Kavala in northern Greece.

According to local residents, the two families had frequent disputes. But nobody thought that the arguments would end so tragically.

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