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UPD 7-days-old baby girl abandoned outside building in Nea Ionia, West Athens

A new born baby has been abandoned in the yard of an apartment building in Nea Ionia suburb of West Athens early Wednesday morning. The baby estimated to be 7-days-old was wrapped in a beach towel and left in a super market trolley cart.

It was a resident, a 19-year-old student, who heard the baby crying short before 4 o’ clock in the morning. He immediately called the police.

“The crying was heartbreaking,” the student told state broadcaster ERT TV.

He added that the baby seemed well-cared of and fed.

When he took the little girl in his arms it stopped stopped crying, he said.

Other neighbors, also mothers, held the newborn until police would arrive.

Authorities took the baby to the Children’s hospital in Athens where doctors examined it.

The newborn is reportedly in good health.

Police is trying to find out who abandoned the little girl in a trolley probably taken from a supermarket nearby and thus in the middle of the night.

Police evaluates material from security cameras in the area.

UPDATE Sept 12

With the help of security cameras, police identified the mother of the baby. A 19-year-old woman who gave birth in a public hospital 7 days ago and returned home with her newborn.

The single mother has reportedly confessed that she abandoned the little girl, however, she did not say anything about her motive.

She has not been arrested, so far, and she is at home where she lives with her grandmother close to the apartment building where the baby was abandoned.


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