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Family Rottweiler bites 2-month-old baby girl to death

A Rottweiler has reportedly bitten to death a 2-month-old baby in Glyka Nera village of Attica on Thursday morning. The dog belonged to the family that has also three more underage children. The circumstances under which the dog killed the baby are not known, so far.

The tragedy occurred short before 10 o’ clock on Thursday morning wit neighbor seeing the mother carrying the covered in blood baby.

She transferred the infant to a hospital, telling doctors that her baby was killed by the dog.

The hospital personnel called the police that after preliminary investigation filed a case against the parents for negligence of minors.

The baby girl was reportedly in its crib when it was attacked and fatally injured by the dog. The mother heard noises form the baby’s room, when she returned from the school where she had brought her three boys. She managed to free the baby from the dog’s teeth and bring it to the hospital.

The baby had multiple injuries and bruises mainly on the chest, the neck and the face. Despite efforts, doctors could not save the infant.

Police officers who went to the family home found the dog in the apartment balcony.

The animal remained in the balcony until Thursday afternoon, state broadcaster ERT TV reported.

Neighbors give contradicted information about the family Rottweiler with some claiming that the the dog was “wild and that’s why they kept him on the balcony; others say that it was normally a “calm dog.”

Police has arrested are the 35-year-old mother. The baby’s father and the grandmother are currently testify to the local police station. It is not clear whether the grandmother with the family or she was just in the apartment at the time the tragedy occurred.

According to ERT, the prosecutor pressed charges for manslaughter by negligence” and “negligence to minor” by exposing the baby to danger.

“”No animal is born dangerous, too many factors play a role in shaping their personality. Depending on the training the animal receives and the processes the animal may manifest aggression, “Athena Trachilis, President of the Panhellenic Veterinary Association, told news website enikos.gr

The mayor of Glyka Nera has called a local animal welfare society to remove the dog form the apartment. However, the dog’s owner – all currently at the police station – need to give their permission for this.

PS At least two adults and their four minors pressed in an apartment and a Rottweiler banned on a tiny balcony as “babysitter”? I don’t think so…. it looks like a recipe for disaster.

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